Why we chose to make Uplifter, our AI tool, FREE… -

We recently made a big decision… to offer Uplifter, our AI-driven web analytics tool, for free.

In this article I will explain why.

First, why am I sharing this with you?

I want to be as transparent as possible. I won’t name names, but a lot of analytics tools offer very poor engagement with their users.

I know that investing your time in a product is a big commitment. But your input will give me valuable feedback and make ultimately make Uplifter better for everyone. So if I share with you our business model and development plans, you hopefully will want to start a dialogue, share, comment and give me feedback, and to be part of a growing community of Uplifter users.

So why is Uplifter free?

    1. Learn faster. We want to remove barriers to us learning. The more users we have, the more data we get to analyse and learn from. This allows us to develop the product faster, with your needs front-of-mind. We don’t yet know which feature is the most valuable, or what functionality to focus on next, but if we build based on your feedback, we’ll get user-driven design… the way it should be.


    1. Diversify. We don’t know who the early adopters will be – it may not be those with access to a corporate credit card. By making our product free, we hope to reach a broader user base, from one-(wo)man bands running start-ups, to more experienced digital marketers in more established companies.


    1. Grow insights. Uplifter is a giant AI anomaly detector. It matches patterns in GA data to possible causes and recommended next actions. We already have over 1000 causes and actions in the database, but Uplifter is hungry for more. Making the product free encourages more people to add their insights.



If we give away Uplifter, how do we create a sustainable business?

    1. Optional paid support. For £49 a month, you can get expert email support. This allows us to cover the cost of support staff whilst scaling our user base rapidly. You can always start for free, then upgrade to support later if you need it.


    1. Optional paid consultancy. We have an “Ask an expert” button in most pages in our tool. It creates a request for paid analytics help from Mezzo Labs, our sister company. Here you can get quotes for any tasks involving digital analytics. This covers the more hands-on tasks: fixing broken tags, deep-dive analysis, bespoke dashboard creation, A/B testing.


    1. Referral fees. We always try and provide solutions and next actions that are free and easy to do yourself. However occasionally we may recommend another product or service that we think can add value. That partner may give us a referral fee if you buy it. (Don’t worry, referral fees are common practice in the industry.)


I hope that makes sense. Are we doing the right thing? I hope so, but tell me what you think.

For more information on Uplifter, check out uplifter.ai

– Alexander Holman-Butt Head of Product