Key features

Our most popular features, our customers love

Perfect links


Landing page validation

checks URLs load fast, has analytics and doesn’t redirect

Text validation

stop spaces, bad characters or uppercase characters

Lockdown values

force users to select from dropdowns or date pickers

Custom parameters

add business units, products dates and goals to UTMs

Link shortener

creates beautiful, branded links which count clickthroughs

Bulk code uploads

via csv to save time importing codes from other platforms

Trustworthy data


Taxonomy workshop

makes robust UTMs/CIDs everyone can get behind

User permissions

Only admins can add new values and change the rules

Approval flow

Users request new dropdown values, for admins to approve

Custom dashboards

embedded from Google Data Studio, PowerBI and Tableau

Open API

to automate sharing data between platforms

Faster insight


Email alerts

when a campaign landing page stops working

Performance reports

shows what marketing is working and what isn’t

Anomaly detector

trends every dimension to spot problems and opportunities

Coming soon

Marketing calendar

shows all your past, present and future marketing activity

Coming soon

Cost data integrations

gives you a complete view of marketing spend

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Latest features

All our features in detail, sorted from newest to oldest

Custom short link domains

Give customers the confidence to click on your links.

Integrate your branded domain into Uplifter.

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Release v1.9.95 on 9th June 2022

Page anchor checker

Create links with page anchors ‘#’ to auto scroll to content.

We auto move anchors to the end of links, to avoid data loss.

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Release v1.9.39 on 3rd March 2022

URL and parameter length checker

Never loose data because your link was too long.

We check links and parameter lengths, to stop loss of data.

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Release v1.9.25 on 14th February 2022

Save custom reports

Save custom reports focusing on what’s important to you.

Choose the name, filters, metrics, dimensions and who has access.

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Release v1.9.18 on 4th February 2022

QR codes

Give customers instant access to your website, using their phone.

Create custom, branded QR codes for any campaign link.

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Release v1.9.18 on 4th February 2022

Link shortener

Increase clickthrough’s with memorable, branded short links.

Report and compare clickthrough’s on all marketing activity.

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Release v1.8.36 on 12th December 2021

Easy onboarding

Get every user trained up in no time.

Each user has a simple, tailored step by step guide.

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Release v1.8.28 on 3rd December 2021

Performance reports

Easily discover what campaigns are working and what isn’t.

Compare metrics, filtered on your custom UTM parameters.

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Release v1.8.5 on 22nd October 2021

Approval flow

Add accurate dropdown options, without the hassle. 

Users request new dropdown values, for admins to one-click approve.

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Release v1.7.102 on 17 August 2021

Clone and edit links

Create links with different values quickly.

Clone existing link(s) and edit any parameter(s) or landing page(s).

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Release v1.7.83 on 9 June 2021

Single Sign On (SSO)

Save time and reduce the number of passwords you need to remember.

Login with Microsoft or Google.

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Release v1.7.83 on 9 June 2021

Embed custom dashboards

Get your dashboards in front of the whole team.

Embed any dashboard from Google Data Studio, PowerBI and Tableau.

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Release v1.7.73 on 18 May 2021

Landing page validation

We check your landing page exists, loads fast, has analytics and doesn’t redirect.

Never waste ad spend on a dodgy landing page again.

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Release v1.7.73 on 18 May 2021

Open API

Retrieve the data you need, in the format you want.

Automate your reports and processes with our API.

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Release v1.7.68 on 10 May 2021

Share links via email

The share button sends a note, csv attachment and guide.

Sharing links has never been so quick and easy.

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Release v1.7.68 on 29 Apr 2021

Input dates

Date picker inputs let you know when campaigns start and end.

Our choice of parameter inputs makes your data more accurate.

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Release v1.7.60 on 16 Apr 2021

Reduce dropdown errors

Make dropdown selections filter out invalid parameter combinations.

Admins can link parameters together to reduce errors and make campaign codes faster.

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Release v1.7.54 on 16 Apr 2021

Compare performance

View metrics next to each campaign link, see what’s working and what’s not.

Our integrations makes it even easier to access your Google or Adobe analytics data.

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Release v1.7.52 on 14 Mar 2021

Create multiple codes

Create 100’s of codes for large campaigns in seconds.

Our new multi journey allows you to paste lists and create combinations before selecting the codes you want.

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Release v1.7.36 on 2 Feb 2021

Bulk code uploads

Make Uplifter your single point of truth for all campaign tracking.

Upload and append historical campaign codes from other platforms via csv.

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Release v1.7.38 on 12 Feb 2021

User permissions

Protect your campaign taxonomy and data from mavericks.

Only admin can add new dropdown values and change the rules.

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Release v1.7.29 on 19 Jan 2021

Landing page control

Create campaign codes before you know the page URL.

You can now make landing pages optional.

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Release v1.7.30 on 19 Jan 2021

Validation options

Create accurate, clear, readable data.

Set rules to stop users typing spaces, bad characters or using uppercase.

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Release v1.7.29 on 19 Jan 2021

Meta data fields

Add notes and vanity URLS to campaign codes for future reference.

Setup meta data fields after your campaign parameters to share important information.

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Release v1.7.28 on 14 Jan 2021

Email alerts

Find and fix problems faster.

Get emails explaining unusual performance, causes and next actions by enabling email alerts on any metric.

Release v1.7.21 on 18 Dec 2020

Spot hidden anomalies

Find anomalies not visible by the naked eye.

Our AI anomaly detection trends every dimension variable to spot problems and opportunities – even when your KPI’s look flat.

Release v1.7.14 on 9 Dec 2020

Spot anomalies on unpredictable metrics

Find insights from highly volatile, low volume metrics using Standard Deviation anomaly detection.

Release v1.7.13 on 5 Dec 2020

Anomaly snapshots

Quickly find causes behind anomalies.

Hover over any unexplained anomaly to see the top 3 changing dimensions. Or explained anomaly to see insights and actions.

Release v1.7.12 on 4 Dec 2020