Get some action!

Uplifter turns Google Analytics data into action

Spot anomalies, find root causes and next actions

Get alerted to anomalies, their possible causes and how to overcome them. Reports show the contributing dimensions that have increased or decreased when an anomaly took place. The machine learning tool then suggests possible next actions you can take to optimise your website.


  • Email alerts with anomalies & root causes
  • AI matched, expert-written, next actions
  • Easy step-by-step solutions to follow

Improve the value of your data

One click and Uplifter runs your Google Analytics data through 37 tests to give it a quality score, identifying areas where improvement is necessary. Each failed test is explained in detail, with solutions designed to make your data more accurate and insightful.


  • Connects directly to Google Analytics API
  • Takes less than a minute
  • Easy step-by-step solutions to follow

Instant, actionable reporting

Our unique calendar visualisation shows you all your websites events, campaigns and anomalies, with your key metrics overlaid on top. A monthly commentary box captures outcomes, actions and learnings to be shared to your key stakeholders.


  • Collaborative event calendar to share your story
  • Automatically plots anomalies and live campaigns
  • Custom report building and embedding (extra fee)

Key benefits

Increases conversion rates and sales

Saves time and money 

No tags or coding required

Uplifter spotted erroneous bot traffic which could have given us misleading results and lead to incorrect actions. It’s nice to know its working in the background to notify us of problems.

Karst Pullens

Analytics Specialist, RIFF Digital Agency

Working in an agency means that I am constantly trying to understand various client’s Google Analytics setups – I use Uplifter to quickly tell me if there are any anomalies I need to be aware of before I start reporting. A highly recommended tool for saving me time and effort.

Philip Craig

Head of Insights, ZESTY Digital Agency

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Uplifter was born out of Mezzo Labs, the UK’s largest independent web analytics agency.

Here at Mezzo Labs, we always dreamed of automating our difficult, time consuming, web analytics tasks – to deliver more value to our clients and to spend more time doing what we love.

Working closely with the Artificial Intelligence gurus at the University of Westminster, we built a suite of machine learning tools which automate campaign tracking, anomaly detection and insight creation.

We combined them into an online tool called Uplifter and now offer it to anyone who wants a greater return on investment from web analytics.

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