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Get your campaign data under control and the campaign team working smarter.


Needs to get clean data to create reports and find insights… but no one follows the global standards.


Needs to hit the sales target, report on success… but the campaign is performing poorly and the data is hard to read.


Needs to create 100’s of UTMs, make sure the data is interpreted correctly… but no one trusts the data.


Uplifter was created by analysts, frustrated by the lack of clean campaign data.

As the data was inconsistent and untrusted, it made campaign reporting slow and insights impossible.

Worst of all, it lead to analysts becoming a bottle necks, with people always asking for data, which was hard to make sense of.

Uplifter solves the above by adding a layer of transparent governance around campaign reporting.


We help you:

  • Standardise data – Ditch the spreadsheet and put your taxonomy into our world-class UTM builder.
  • Reduce errors – Provide marketing execs with one standard platform to create campaign codes consistently.
  • Self-serve – Reduce the burden on your team by directing marketers to self-serve campaign reports.

Unclean data before Uplifter 😡

Clean data after Uplifter 😍


We understand marketeers want to focus on creating the best campaigns, not creating campaign links, UTMs and reports.

Creating UTMs was often a painful task, involving convoluted spreadsheets, which caused confusion and blocked campaigns going live on time.

Trying to report on campaigns in analytics platforms was like finding a needle in a haystack. With the data often throwing up more questions than answers.

Uplifter solves these issues by automating tracking, monitoring and reporting of all campaigns in one easy, self-serve platform.


We help you:

  • Track campaigns – Create 100’s of UTMs, CIDs, short links and QR codes in seconds.
  • Monitor campaigns – Get proactive alerts of problems and share via Teams, Slack or email to get fixed.
  • Measure campaigns – Get accurate one-click reports you can trust and take back control of campaigns.

Creating links in spreadsheets 😢

Creating links in Uplifter 😁


We understand how important trust is for agencies. As soon as trust is lost in data, process or people – it’s impossible to deliver success.

We often see agencies creating UTM taxonomies and processes, which aren’t used by it’s clients. This makes reporting on the whole picture difficult and attribution modelling impossible.

We also see big disconnect between ad server, onsite and conversion analytics. This creates conflict as different teams optimise spend using different metrics.

With cookies being phased out, agencies can find it difficult to optimise media plans without onsite, conversion analytics.

Uplifter solves these issues by creating one transparent taxonomy, process and reporting view for all marketing activity, stitched together with unique UTMs.


We help you:

  • Trust data – By creating one campaign analytics taxonomy, process and platform you and your clients will love using.
  • Save time and cost – Create, monitor and report on 1000’s of campaign links, UTMs, short links and QR codes accurately in seconds.
  • Provide cookieless tracking – By stitching together ad server, clickthrough’s and conversions using UTMs.
  • Negotiate with media providers – By showing the real conversion rate for every publisher, you have the cards to negotiate a better rate.

Reporting in Google Analytics 😢

Reporting in Uplifter 😁

Really love the way you built Uplifter and how easy it is to use. Keep it up!
Wilhelm Bacher

Head of Customer Success, Demodesk

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  • 1 user
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  • Create campaign links
  • Create shortened links
  • Compare performance
  • Free email support


£200 per month (annual contract)


  • 5 users
  • 3 domains
  • User permissions
  • Google Analytics audit
  • Landing page monitoring
  • Onboarding support
  • Free online training


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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited domains
  • Branded shortened links
  • Custom integrations
  • Open API
  • Single Sign On
  • Anomaly detection
  • Onboarding workshop
  • Custom training
  • Bi-annual review

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Landing page monitoring
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Google Analytics audit
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Anomaly detection
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